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Before you just pull off the pinion nut you need to know the rotation torque of the pinion.

To do it correctly you should pull your axles and carrier. But since this is basically only a off road, slow moving rig, Just pull you brakes off so everything turns easily.

Get a inch pound torque wrench, No click types they doesnt work. I perfer dials but a beam will work. Its has to read in the low numbers. From zero to 75 is a good split.

What you do is rotate the pinion with the torque wrench and see what you get. Probably going to be between 1 and 7 inch pounds may be as much as 25 which is for a new setup. But you have run it so it will be down.

Once you get you reading. Take the pinion nut off, change the yoke, add locktite to the old nut and retorque to you old setting or a pound more. Dont use a impact gun to put it back on. Chances are you will over torque it. Once the nuts snugs up a 1/8 of a turn in a big move.

Get another flange, if yours is loose now it is junk. Turning it wont help anything.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Jeff also has my number if you want to call.

Good luck

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