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8.8 Trouble, need some help.

Hey guys,

I went out to the shed yesterday to take a look at Eddie and make sure all is well for the Bash.

It's not.

I reached underneath and was messing with the driveshaft and discovered a bunch of slop down at the pinion end of the D/S. Initially I suspected a u-joint but after pulling the D/S I found that the u-joint is fine. This is when I got worried, I'm thinking big problem, pinion bearing is smoked, oh $hit how'd this happen? So next I take the yoke off of the pinion flange to further inspect the problem. It seems (to my relief) that the pinion gear is nice and tight but the flange itself is where all the slop is coming from. It's just wobbling on the pinion like its not tight.'s my question.

I don't want to mess anything up with the R&P like bearing pre-load. But can I just remove the pinion nut, see if I can re-position the flange and then torque it down to X amount of ft lbs??? If so, how many ft lbs??? I've been trying to search for what I need over on Pirate but the search function won't accept 8.8 as a key word.

Any help would be much appreciated!!!
Thanks guys,

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