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So the park will be open til 7:00 on Saturday, correct? How much prep time should we allow for our supper contribution. I have something in mind, but it may take too long to cook (rice dish). I only ask because I myself probably won't want to wait long to eat after wheeling from 9-7. I suppose I could supplement protein with liquid carbs tho.

I think someone mentioned a year or two ago that those little orange flags are required. Is this correct?

I have a little goodie from Rock Hard 4x4 for the raffle and will harrass Cabelas again Monday for something as well.

Now... Who's gonna volounteer to save me a campin spot. I probably wont roll in til 6 or so Thursday. I hate the thought of driving all day, only to get bumped to a secondary campground for some stupid reason.

Oh... Did I mention that I have yet to really "test" the new gears and ELocker? I should probably throw on some warm clothes and put a couple of miles on her before I strap her down to the trailer. Pretty sure I still need to do a little adjusting to the drag link as well. Otherwise I should be good to go.

13 days and counting... Come on guys and gals, it's crunch time!!!

Is this the only hammer you've got?
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