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WOW....remind not to post electrical questions again HEHEHE.

Anyway, it's probably a good idea for me to test the fan first to figure out what the 3 wire setup is...I can't seem to find much documentation on the Grand Cherokee fan, so it'll have to be trial and error(and hopefully not blow the damn thing up). I would assume the 3 wire setup would mean it's a 2 speed fan though. Also I don't know what the amp draw is for this fan, so I will need to determine that as well.

And TazCJ7 was partially right in his pointing out what I stated, so I should have worded it differently:

Originally Posted by Warthog
Now I am no wiring genius, but I can follow instructions pretty accurately.
What I meant by this is if I was a wiring genius, I wouldn't have to come here and ask this question. But I was looking for a schematic....I realize that is probably asking a lot of someone. But I figured someone else had probably done a simliar, if not the same setup on here. Which is why I figured it wouldn't have been a big deal to post the question.

Once I figure out the wiring on that Grand Cherokee fan and the amp pull, I'll come back for further details.

My apoligize to the moderators for strating a post that caused so much flak.

But thanks again guys, will post back in a couple weeks when I'm home to test the fan.
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