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Back again?

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
The same goes for you, ...
Snappy reply, been hanging around kindergartners have you?

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
At least know I know where you get all the "intelligence" you claim to have, you hoard books, papers, whatever ...
Intelligence, in that context, is not something you get from books. Intelligence is the ability to learn. You either have it or you don’t. You seem to be short on it. You get knowledge from books. Try opening one sometime.

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
In electricity, you can't have the correct colored wiring in every piece of romex/bx/mi cable, etc, ...
Well, the black, red (or even orange, purple, blue, etc.), is not a problem. The green or bare in cable has only one use. That leaves only the white. Are you now say that the white is not always the neutral? Isn’t that inconsistent with the statement you made 25 hours before?

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
I call the white wire the neutral, force of habit, ...
The white wire does not signify neutral. The white wire signifies the “grounded conductor”. In single phase/three wire, the grounded conductor is the neutral. In other systems there may not be a neural but white wire still signifies the grounded conductor.

I didn’t learn this stuff out of books. I learned it by experience.

I have no reason to discredit you. You are the one trying to discredit me with your feeble, unjustified and unsubstantiated personal attacks. My concern is with the spreading of lies and misinformation continuing the dumbing of America. You might want to promote it. You may have resented the other kids in the class where tests were graded on the curve because they pushed the curve too high for you.

You can believe anything you want to. You can pretend to be an electrician at social functions. You can dress up as one for Halloween. Spread you misinformation here and I will correct it. I have no need to make it personal. YOU chose to make it personal because you lacked the knowledge and experience to keep to the subject matter. It’s a trick you tried to used to confuse the issues.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world.
Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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