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Just taz trashing another thread with cut & paste crap he doesn't really understand...

Since I've got him on 'Ignore', and I KNOW he has no idea of what he's talking about from the beginning of this thread, I'm probably letting the cat out of the bag since I know you guys like to torture him and he can't help spouting off what he *THINKS* (if you call that 'Thinking') or posting up anything he can 'Cut & Paste' to confuse the situation...

Anyway, For the rest of you viewing,
And stated in Layman's terms...

The term 'THROW' comes from the big, old time blade switches like you see in 'Frankenstein' movies and when they 'Throw The Switch' on the electric chair in old movies.

THROWS are the positions of the switch, If the switch goes 'UP' for 'On', and 'DOWN' if 'OFF', then it's a SINGLE 'Throw'.
Means the switch is only making an internal connection in ONE direction, or SINGLE direction.

The other direction of travel OPENS the circuit, and there is NO INTERNAL CONNECTION being made anymore.

If 'Down' is also an 'ON', then it's a DOUBLE THROW.
Two 'ON' positions means it's a 'DOUBLE THROW'.

If you have a center 'OFF', then it's a 'DOUBLE THROW' with 'CENTER OFF', and the switch isn't making ANY internal connections.

If it were a TRIPLE THROW,
The center position would be a connection also, with 'Up' and 'Down' being connections as well.
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