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The same goes for you, all the dribble you spout about your intelligence. I am more of an electrician than you will ever be or know. At least know I know where you get all the "intelligence" you claim to have, you hoard books, papers, whatever and then pour over them to try and find fault with others. The world is not perfect, especially the dream world you live in. In electricity, you can't have the correct colored wiring in every piece of romex/bx/mi cable, etc, and you can't put piping in all the time to pull wires thru so the wiring colors will be correct. One thing I have learned is you can't reason or converse with ignorant people like yourself, and, I stick to my original statement, you don't know/won't ever get it and are ignorant. Its funny how you make feeble attempts at trying to discredit others on this board. Just keep up the good work as the resident/interactive spell checker, thats about all you're good at.


"Sometimes Insanity and Genius walk the same side of the street"
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