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Originally Posted by Booger View Post
Nope, don't drink, yep proves what I've said alllllll along, YOU just don't understand/get it, or comprehend electricity.
You should have realized that I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. I assumed a temporary alcohol induced deficiency. The other choice is a permanent deficiency caused by a feeble mind.

For your last comment regarding “when the neutral is a hot”, this is how the National Electrical Code 2008 Edition defines neutral conductor and neutral point in ARTICLE 100—DEFINITIONS.

Neutral Conductor. The conductor connected to the neutral
point of a system that is intended to carry current under
normal conditions.

Neutral Point. The common point on a wye-connection in
a polyphase system or midpoint on a single-phase, 3-wire
system, or midpoint of a single-phase portion of a 3-phase
delta system, or a midpoint of a 3-wire, direct-current

FPN: At the neutral point of the system, the vectorial sum
of the nominal voltages from all other phases within the
system that utilize the neutral, with respect to the neutral
point, is zero potential.
Section 200.7C addresses the use of the white wire in a cable assembly as other than a grounded conductor.
200.7 Use of Insulation of a White or Gray Color or
with Three Continuous White Stripes.

(A) General. The following shall be used only for the
grounded circuit conductor, unless otherwise permitted in
200.7(B) and (C):

(1) A conductor with continuous white or gray covering

(2) A conductor with three continuous white stripes on
other than green insulation

(3) A marking of white or gray color at the termination

(B) Circuits of Less Than 50 Volts. A conductor with
white or gray color insulation or three continuous white
stripes or having a marking of white or gray at the termination
for circuits of less than 50 volts shall be required to
be grounded only as required by 250.20(A).

(C) Circuits of 50 Volts or more. The use of insulation
that is white or gray or that has three continuous white
stripes for other than a grounded conductor for circuits
of 50 volts or more shall be permitted only as in (1)
through (3).

(1) If part of a cable assembly and where the insulation is
permanently reidentified to indicate its use as an ungrounded
conductor, by painting or other effective
means at its termination, and at each location where the
conductor is visible and accessible. Identification shall
encircle the insulation and shall be a color other than
white, gray, or green.

(2) Where a cable assembly contains an insulated conductor
for single-pole, 3-way or 4-way switch loops and
the conductor with white or gray insulation or a marking
of three continuous white stripes is used for the
supply to the switch but not as a return conductor from
the switch to the switched outlet. In these applications,
the conductor with white or gray insulation or with
three continuous white stripes shall be permanently reidentified
to indicate its use by painting or other effective
means at its terminations and at each location
where the conductor is visible and accessible.

(3) Where a flexible cord, having one conductor identified
by a white or gray outer finish or three continuous
white stripes or by any other means permitted by
400.22, is used for connecting an appliance or equipment
permitted by 400.7. This shall apply to flexible
cords connected to outlets whether or not the outlet is
supplied by a circuit that has a grounded conductor.

FPN: The color gray may have been used in the past as an
ungrounded conductor. Care should be taken when working
on existing systems.
For all of your unjustified and unsubstantiated person attacks, we’ve found you don’t know diddly-squat. You don’t know the terminology and you don’t know code. You are not now nor have you ever been and electrician. I have come to believe, with the ability to be anything you want to be on the internet, you decided to pose as one here, although the act may have gone on for some time before that.

NO, it would not be difficult for me to supply him a wiring diagram but that is not what he requested.
Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Now I am no wiring genius, but I can follow instructions pretty accurately.
He described what he wanted as;
Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Now what I would like to do is have a three position toggle on the dash as well as have an adjustable thermostat:
position 1 - overide on(incase the the fan doesn't kick on for some reason)
position 2 - overide off(for any reason i would want to turn it off, say water crossing or something)
position 3 - auto(controlled by thermostat)
I gave my answer in instruction form, as he requested, to provide the functions he requested. I did not give it as a schematic drawing not knowing if he could read one.

He has now decided that he would like a more sophisticated system with a multi speed fan and that is his option. It IS his Jeep and it IS his fan. We need some information about the wiring of the fan as to what the 3 connections do. At this point we don’t know of any other way to determine that other than by experimentation and that will be up to him unless we can find that information by other means.

Now I am here to help him get what HE wants for HIS Jeep and HIS fan. It is high time that people on this board change their dictatorial attitudes and help people get what THEY want. Your way may satisfy you but others may want something different. Your way is seldom the only way.

I am also here to give that help in the format he wants and can understand. I don’t need to intimidate him with a schematic drawing just because that would be the easiest way for me to explain it. Recently the word “articulate” has become popular. We need to communicate, for no mater how clear our pronunciation it may not get the point across if the listener is unfamiliar with the language.

Furthermore, it is time people like you quit showing their ignorance with meaningless verbal assaults especially when they have nothing constructive to add to the discussion. The only non-inflammatory remark you made related to the subject was;
Originally Posted by Booger View Post
The other day when I was in the electric supply they had a whole wall full of SP/DT, SP/ST, DP/DT and just palin old SP toggle and pushbutton switches.
Still you couldn’t resist your primal urges and added an inflammatory statement:
Originally Posted by Booger View Post
They are not hard to find, IF, you know what you're looking at and if you listen to taz better have the fire dept standing by.
Are you not yet tired of showing your ignorance or are you so obtuse, you somehow think you are showing your intelligence? It would seem that the NEC and other sources disagree with the beliefs you have been harboring being anything near intelligent.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world.
Those who understand binary and those who don't.

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