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Originally Posted by Booger View Post
Taz you still don't get it, and never will, go to the electric supply or your favorite hardware and ask for what YOU say is a double pole switch instead of a 3-way (a 3-way has ONLY 3 terminals, how can it be a DP/DT switch?) and see what you get.
Originally Posted by CJ7Taz View Post
Are you saying that a 3-way is not a single pole/double throw switch? Then what is it?

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
even a 4-way switch isn't a double pole switch, and it has 4 terminals.
Sure it is. The number of external terminals doesnít define it. It is jumpered internally for a special purpose. There was no need to bring all 6 terminals out.

Go here

Scroll down to this chart

This just ain't that hard.

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
... you just wanted to be sure I wasn't Teamrush or Aron871 cause you didn't want to give up your address cause you didn't want 50 pizza's showing up at your door.
That part is true.

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
Besides I copied my drawing straight off the back inside cover of a Cutler Hammer starter and you still said it was wrong,
You didnít copy very well but still, the problem is, with the pressure switch wired normally open, the compressor wonít start if the pressure is below the set point. If the pressure is above the set point, the compressor will continue to run until the compressor locks up or something explodes letting the pressure fall below the set point.

Another problem was switching the neutral with the pressure switch in violation of the National Electrical Code.

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
Even YOUR drawing is wrong, nothing is protecting the control circuit and/or the equipment the starter is wired too.
Do you mean as in fusing or circuit breaker protection? No you didnít include any so I didnít either. It doesnít require any additional branch fusing if fed from a properly protected circuit from the breaker box.

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
As far as e-mail goes you never sent me anything saying you didn't want to be involved ...
Yeah, I did. Iíve still got it in my Sent Items box.
Beyond that, I donít think I want to get involved. There are some things I donít agree with both in the way it is shown in the drawing and described in the notes.
The problem may have been that there were 5 attachments and you were on dial up. I followed up with another e-mail to make sure you got them.

You replied;
No I didn't get everything, you don't have to send it back to me, I know how they work and are set up to work.
I didnít know that you didnít get the body of the message. I thought you were just missing the attachments.

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