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Dawg I wondered when you'd be back. Taz you still don't get it, and never will, go to the electric supply or your favorite hardware and ask for what YOU say is a double pole switch instead of a 3-way (a 3-way has ONLY 3 terminals, how can it be a DP/DT switch?) and see what you get. even a 4-way switch isn't a double pole switch, and it has 4 terminals. As far as e-mail goes you never sent me anything saying you didn't want to be involved you just wanted to be sure I wasn't Teamrush or Aron871 cause you didn't want to give up your address cause you didn't want 50 pizza's showing up at your door. Besides I copied my drawing straight off the back inside cover of a Cutler Hammer starter and you still said it was wrong, explain that, and you say you can read/write drawings, you're still sitting high up on that pile of Dung there bud. Even YOUR drawing is wrong, nothing is protecting the control circuit and/or the equipment the starter is wired too.


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