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Originally Posted by level4designs View Post
I think I heard the adapter plate is weak, novak makes just a plate strengthener? I know if it doesn't bolt up, they make a kit to do it, but htey are so damn expensive...
No sure which "adapter" you're referring to, but...

The *REQUIRED* bellhousing (BOC pattern case)-to-(AMC) block adapter is cast iron... never seen one broken or cracked. You'll also need to grab the flexplate for this setup, as the QT flexplate offsets the wrong direction. *IF* the '74 has a 360, you should be good to use it without re-balancing. If not, haul it to a shop with your QT flexplate and have it balanced to match.

However I'm guessing you're asking about the "pot metal" (actually [poorly] cast AL) TH-400-to-D20 adapter is a POS. Since it acts as the aft mounting point for the TH-400/D20, most of them suffer from the mounting feet/ears being broken off or worn funky. My next project is to devise a "slip-on/bolt-on girdle" for the adapters mounting section... to either rehab a broken mount or reinforce a non-broken mount. That being said, I've heard of the adapters cracking thru the body, etc., but believe this was likely an issue caused by the mount breaking/sloppy connection allowing it to bind. The feet on mine were completely gone, so a chunk of heavy angle was notched and bolted directly to the D20 for mounting. Has held up the past 7+ years of abuse. However, if money *wasn't* an object, it'd definitely be sporting one of the aftermarket (AA, Novak, BullTear) billet adapters...

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