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Actually I was asking TR, but since you decided to show your ignorance of electricity;

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
They are not used in housing in pairs, those are 3-way switches, used to control lighting, etc from two locations.
Are you saying that a 3-way is not a single pole/double throw switch? Then what is it?

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
DP/ST switches are not center position off and these are only rated as high as 30 amp A/C power and used on water heaters.
Well DUH. If it’s SINGLE THROW, that’s ON/OFF. It would hardly need a second off position.

Originally Posted by Booger View Post
If your drawings are that good throw one up here and show the man how it should be done.
Well, if you insist but lets do a comparison.

This is the drawing you mailed me to scan for you. It was a starter drawing for an air compressor. Do you remember it?

You had the pressure switch shown normally open. It will never come on that way, so I fixed it for you.

No trickery these images were posted here on 09-13-2007.

I also scanned the instructions you sent along with the drawing.

Note in #1, you state the pressure switch is “normally open” when the tank is empty.

In #7, you say to break the neutral to wire the pressure switch on that side of the coil. That just isn’t proper. I emailed you the scans and told you I didn’t want to get involved.

You told me to FIX them for you and post them as yours.

I replied that if I fixed them, they would be my drawing and instructions not yours.

This was what I was working on but never posted because it was too different from yours.

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