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Originally Posted by Booger View Post
I'll point it out for you taz, you just don't know electric. They are not used in housing in pairs, those are 3-way switches, used to control lighting, etc from two locations. The ONLY place I've seen a DP/ST swithch used in a house was for the water heater, for a disconnect. DP/ST switches are not center position off and these are only rated as high as 30 amp A/C power and used on water heaters. I've installed many DP/DT center position off, but they were momentary contact used for lighting contactors or for some other controlling mechanism, but they returned to the center position by themselves. Even Sarah Palin says you are as full of it as the pile you sit upon. Just remember we're not in Kansas anymore ToTo. If your drawings are that good throw one up here and show the man how it should be done.


"Sometimes Insanity and Genius walk the same side of the street"
Correct on all counts!

Wasted typing since taz isn't EVER going to get a grip on reality.. But still CORRECT!

Taz on 'Ignore' is a beautiful thing!

Anyway, 'Oh Sh!t' lights are pretty easy to wire, and I usually wire in a buzzer since I don't watch gauges when wheeling.
Good place for the second circuits on the DP/DT switches also.

You won't want the buzzer active when starting the vehicle, or doing normal driving...

With three wires feeding the fan, it will be a two speed fan.
One wire 'High', one wire 'Low', one wire 'Ground'.

You will need a two stage controller, or TWO temp switches to power up both circuits in the fan.
Not hard to do at all, and is relatively cheap since the thermal switches are usually under $20.

I don't know how the fan is wound, so you may want to do a little experimentation and find out which is Low Speed, which is 'High' speed, and see what happens when both are connected...

Some 'High/Low' fans don't want the low speed connected when the 'High' is connected,
Others require it, so you will have to find that out before wiring.

It really doesn't matter, since it's just a change in relays to power it up from one to the other no matter what the configuration.
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