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Hey guys,

took me a couple days to get back here...been busy workin out here floatin on a boat in the G.O.M.....nice to see you've been keeping yourselves entertained slaggin each other while I was gone...or CJ7TAZ more so .

Anyway, I think JeepDawg has the same setup as what I'm looking for, except rather than an ignition on(I'm assuming the fan automatically comes on as soon as you turn the key, I'd rather have it come on automatically when the thermostat hits a certain tempurature.

And the switch I planned on is an On/Off/On switch. I would like to wire in the warning light/buzzer. Have to agree, very good idea.

CJ7Taz was right, I did mention the fan is out of a 5.9l Grand Cherokee, not sure if many of you are familiar with this fan or not. I just grabbed it and haven't played with it's a three wire setup if that helps.

As for the Jeeps use, it's a daily driver, that sees a fair bit of offroad, but I don't do a lot of mud/water, more into the rocks...If I wanted a mud bogger I would have built some huge F$&% off FORD/CHEV/DODGE with some 500ci+ motor and tires entirely too big for any other use.

Thanks again for all the help and the entertainment
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