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Originally Posted by TeamRush View Post
I noticed more than one can't separate Pole Count from Throw...
Guess you are going to have to point out the problem for me. I missed your point.

Originally Posted by TeamRush View Post
Most common Double Throw switches you will find will be DOUBLE POLE, meaning TWO CIRCUITS through the switch,
One will just be unused...
Where are you finding all of these DP/DT with one unused circuit? Double pole is not that common. Most houses have a couple of SP/DT used in the wiring. They are used in pairs.

Wiring diagrams ain’t gonna impress me. I’ve seen thousands, drawn hundreds of them. They are pretty simple.

The original poster already told you what fan he was using:
Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
... I picked up a good electric fan out of a 5.9l Grand Cherokee ...
He told you how he wants it to work:
Originally Posted by Warthog View Post
Now what I would like to do is have a three position toggle on the dash as well as have an adjustable thermostat:
position 1 - overide on(incase the the fan doesn't kick on for some reason)
position 2 - overide off(for any reason i would want to turn it off, say water crossing or something)
position 3 - auto(controlled by thermostat)
So what’s hard about that? No need to complicate it. I assumed he would he would use some kind of circuit protection or would at least come back and ask when he got to that point.

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