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Originally Posted by Booger View Post
The other day when I was in the electric supply they had a whole wall full of SP/DT, SP/ST, DP/DT ...
I noticed more than one can't separate Pole Count from Throw...

Any of them start posting wiring diagrams is when I'll start to be impressed.

Anyway, Single Pole/Double Throw WITH/Center 'Off' is what some of you are trying to spit out.

Most common Double Throw switches you will find will be DOUBLE POLE, meaning TWO CIRCUITS through the switch,
One will just be unused...

When I deep water ford, I use the second circuit in the switch to turn ON air pressure to my axles, transmission, transfer case, ignition, ect. so I don't drown the vehicle and wind up replacing expensive synthetic gear oil and trying to dry out the ignition...

Pretty simple to do, but we will need the OP to let us know what fans he wants to use before I can work up some wiring diagrams that will be the most efficient...

Originally Posted by JeepDawg View Post
I am quite happy with me DC Control variable speed fan controller..

One toggle off...up, bat to the AC input...forces the fan on not matter what....down pos applies power from the ign input....translation, center off...up, full speed, down, normal variable operation....

Love the thing....I get on the shuts down because the air moving through the radiator is enough to cool the runs at slow to a med speed....I have yet to see it go to full speed....not hot enough outside yet....
I don't have a three speed controller, but I have the same deal with mine shutting off on highway, and it kicks on a weird times!
Mine is directly wired, so even after I park the vehicle and shut the engine off, the fan can come on... And that freaks people out sometimes...!

When you are working on it, you want to make sure you shut the fans off before sticking your hands down in there!

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