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The string and fire method was a special forces trick to space general explosives correctly off something you wanted to penetrate armor on,
And the older wine and champange bottles had the correct bottom contour to make a good shape charge for the same said operation.

The string/fire bottle cutting trick has been in every Ranger manual since WW II.

Bottom of a wine bottle has the correct contour for the shape charge, while the bottle neck placed under the shape charge usually gives the correct 'Stand Off' distance for the shape charge to penetrate the armor.

The small Coke 'Pug' bottles work REALLY well for stand off distance on a shape charge!

In the military, almost all of us had large wine bottles that were opened this way (with string/fire) and then the rough edges worked down on relatively smooth concrete or rocks, with the edges rolled by using knife wet stones and handles made from various pieces of military hardware, usually shrapnel from EOD exploded artillery shells.

It was kind of a 'Status' thing for Rangers to have a large hand made mug to drink from made this way.
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