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Yup, old machinist trick and it works pretty well.
From what I know, the old machinists used to pick up the grindings (not the metallic tailings, but the worn away stone grindings) from the surface grinders and dip the tip of the screw drivers first in light machine oil, then the grindings.

Some guys would use emery powder instead of grindings, but now emery powder has gone the way of poured babbitt bearings in machine shops.

I used abrasive pastes now that I don't have regular access to grindings from the surface grinder.

I can see where valve grinding paste would work just as well, as long as it were the kind for HAND POWERED valve lapping/seating.

Used to, 'Pearl Drops' tooth polish would work for the same thing, seating valves and keeping drivers from slipping, but I don't know if they even sell that stuff anymore.
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