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OT new truck ?s


So...I plan ahead...the next truck purchase is anywhere from 6-18 months away depending on lots of different things...but mostly on my wife's mood...

I need some advice as to what questions I need to ask myself so that I don't fall for a truck that isn't what I need...'s some backround info...

I have 2 young children that will only get bigger...I think 4 full size doors are NEEDED (as opposed to wanted)

I live in Wisconsin and am a crappy driver (though I am very good at going slow)...4x4 is probably not needed, but would definately relieve a bunch of stressful driving.

I will more than likely be buying used...just don't see the point in buying new...even with the tax deductions? for car sales tax and interest on loan...

I plan to spend somewhere between 13K and 25K depending on my wifes grip on the checkbook at the time.

My biggest question is do I go for a diesel?
-Better fuel mileage (not looking at it as saving money on fuel as I know diesel is more expensive)...
-Better for pulling the Jeep (living in south central Wisconsin puts most off-road opportunities at a couple hour drive minimum)...and cooler...

We sometimes talk about swapping her mini-van to a more fuel efficient car when the time comes (she has a 50 mile round trip daily commute) and then using the new truck as a cruiser as most family lives 2 hours or more (one way) away...but that minivan is awfully nice for those trips to grandmas...and allow for more seating if the kids bring friends along anywhere...

So...with all that jibberish...what do I need to ask myself to make sure I don't get caught up in wants...

And on a side note...what are some good online resources to make comparisions between vehicles...Dodge vs Ford vs vs Toyota...gas/fuel mileage...satisfaction rates...power numbers...cost of ownership...longevity...etc...


why yes, yes i am a moron

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