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sometimes a compression check on a oil burning motor isnt the best indication of whats wrong or anything realy.

oil soaked rings can cause a bad cylinder to still read okay compression. the oil kinda seals around the ring and holds compression.

i would adjust vavles with the truck running at operating temp. slowly loosen till it clatters then tighten till clatter is gone and keep tighting 1/8 to 1/4 past where the clatter stops. do this on all of them and it should be good.

have to go slow cause the hydralic lifter is there try compensate for the change in rocker arm adjustment

blowing smoke at 20k isnt good.

mine is still running strong at 280k blows alittle blue smoke at start up then it goes away.

my first tbi 350 i installed a compu cam mild like rv camb in it and adjusted with the truck running after the initial adjustment while it was on the engine stand. i got it closenough to run while on the engine stand. 0 lash would be alright. then with it running i did the clatter then adjusted it out till it was all quite. it takes alittle bit cause during that first fire i had most all the 16 vavles clattering away.

im trying to think where the oiling problem would come from. not much is comeing to mind right off hand.

good luck and let us know what you find.


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