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do you work for K&N or something
most of the tests i have seen from K&N (i have not seen any atv tests but im shure they are there)are comparing from paper air filters, whichn yes suck compared to K&N

the clamp on filters that are put in place of the air lid i think are just a waste of money because a stock or UNI or any aftermarket foam filter will filter the air perfectly if oiled and maintaned right. the clamp on will just if anything (it dosent) restrict it more than just an open box

the only thing i would buy it for personally would be if i had a K&N filter on the machine and the extra filtration would be nice

or to keep mud clumpos out of the box itself but if u are in those conditions
just use the stock air lid.
this is all just personal experience and no im not a research lab test with fancy machines and computers
just letting the public know what i have found best

but i do know many people who dislike K&N
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