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Leve, them ain't harsh. I just don't understand how I killed the pump and why you would say that. I always use dealer OR Napa parts, learnt my lesson when I had my 69 Plymouth Duster 340. I used to use distilled water back when money was tight and I was cheep, only thing about that is you can't sit still for long or the vehicle will overheat. I've been in situations with my current CJ where it had to idle for hours and the gauge never moved, right now when I drive it the needle just barely makes it to the colored line just above the C. I don't understand, my 1990 w/the 5.0L motor has a manual gauge and never moves above 185 while driving and if you let it sit idling the temp actually drops, if I shut it down and return back in say 15 minutes it will actually be approx. 20 degrees or more lower. Yes I'm not one of those people that can't read, I constantly read as things are constantly changing. I remember when the plumbers/steamfitters used straight Glycol in the heating systems in big buildings around here, not anymore, not cost effective. I haven't bought anything new to drive since 94 soooooo I don't know what the owners manuals say about coolant, all of the manuals I have ever read say to buy GM coolant, Mopar coolant, Toyota coolant etc. I flush, clean and change all fluids on a regular basis, but there is one thing I can't figure out, how can you over tighten a serpintine belt system. I probably did "Kill" my 1st pump by over tightening the "V" belt, but everyone has dumb attacks now and then. I just asked a couple of questions to seee what type of answers and reasoning was out there, thinking I might learn something new and get a bit of cranial stimulation but I guess not. I do know I recieved pretty much the same answers from the locals around here but they are the same ones I've seen on the side of the road, hands on hips and cussin, with steam rollin out from under the hood.


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