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Just curious, what mixture of Anti-Freeze do you use, and why? Have you ever had to replace your water pump, and why, what was the problem? I personally use straight Anti-Freeze even though it doesn't get that cold here. I guess my luck isn't very good because every time I use a mixture and not straight, in a year or two I have to replace the pump because of bearing failures. I do know that since I started using straight I've had no problems with replacing water pumps or having my radiator flushed/cleaned, when I built my 1990, 5.0L with the aluminum radiator in 00 it looks as good as the day it was installed, same pump and thermostat also. the 1995 YJ I just brought home, what a creampuff, as I have been checking all the essentials before putting tags on it I noticed it warmed up fast and found out the PO had been using a mixture and I didn't like the looks of the radiator soooo I had a metal/brass spare laying around sooooo I replaced the old and it had the plastic ends, I pulled them off and found out 3/4's of it was plugged up with calcium from the water or whatever is in the mixture I guess and the motor had the inlet/outlet thingy's in the heater hoses also for flushing it out, go figure. Anyway I welcome all answers/opinions, thanks for your time.


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