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It is not unheard of for fluid to leak out of the X-fer case if it is overfilled. There is a breather on the very top of the D300, did the fluid come out of that breather? If it did come out of the breather then I would not worry too much about it the case was probably over filled. It is pretty easy to over fill the case when it is sitting on the bench.
If you are sure the fluid did not come from that brether then you should take a rag and clean your new D300 up real good. Then fix your clutch linkage and take it for another short drive, stopping often to look under your rig to see where the fluid is coming from.

I would be a bit concerned about the water in your case, that isn't really the best thing for it. Next time you are under your rig with some free time you should take the inspection cover off the D300 and drain out all the junk that is in there, (probably not a bad Idea to do the same to your trans). Use some break cleaner and spray the inside of the case and get all the crud out of there. Then put the cover back on and fill it with fresh fluid. Your case will be much happier, and it will probably shift better.

It is great to see another Vermont'er on the board. Where are you at? I am in the burlington Area. Are you associated with any of the local 4x4 clubs?

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