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I think I have saved the best for last...

In trial stages still, I have added the ability to add a youtube video directly into your posts.

For an example go to this thread:

This is actually a fairly easy thing to do. First you must know the URL of the youtube clip that you want to add to a post.

In this case it was: http:/ /
The important part is anything you see after the = Symbol.

So copy the end of the web address so it would look like this: VlDM_CtYExw

Next you need to GO ADVANCED on your post and you will see the new YOU TUBE icon. Click this and it will say: Enter the Option for your YOUTUBE tag. Here you can just type a short name similar to the video. After that you will see some script and brackets pop into your post. The cursor should be positioned between the ...]and[... brackets. Paste the videos script (VlDM_CtYExw from the end of the youtube address) into there.

It will look like this (without the spaces at beginning and end)

[ YOUTUBE="example"]VlDM_CtYExw[/YOUTUBE ]

Hope you like this new feature that I personally added!

And More...

There are plenty more new features in vBulletin 3.7.

Here is a brief list of some of the ones we haven't yet touched on:
Visitor tracking on profile pages
Automatic resizing of attached images to match filesize or pixel dimensions
Enhancements to custom bbcode system
Custom icons per forum
Hooks to allow attachments to be passed through a virus scanner
All AJAX systems now employ the Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) for a more consistent and predictable system
YUI files can now be switched from locally hosted to remotely hosted by Yahoo! with a single option change, saving you bandwidth

I can not take credit for this entire thread, please go HERE if you wish to read it entirely. Lots of the thread does not apply to end users so I took what will affect most of you and posted it over here.

I know this is a lot to soak it all at once, feel free to drop me or any of the moderators a PM with any questions and I will do my best to answer them the best I can. Also feel free to add to this thread.

Again, THANK-YOU to ORC and Advanstar for the upgrades! Keep up the good work!

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