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Those are actually Samaurai axles. I wanted them narrower than the toyota's. I figured that with a 1500 or less lbs buggy they should survive. If not I have a HP44 and a 9" from a bronco that it will get.

I have the basically the same seats but with the covers. I bought them off of ebay from a guy in Ohio. He delivered them to me because his daughter goes to college just down the road. $100 total with the delivery!!!!!! The delivery cost is the reason I looked around before buying new.

They are basically brand new, he was using them in a porche.

I started mine right at the end of November, so I have had more time than you. I rally hadn't worked on it since the end of January because I have been collecting parts.

I should be pretty good on parts now looks like I am just missing drive shafts, pedal assembly,harnesses, and some small things.

I have an engine/tranny/x-fercase now, fuel cell, battery, seats, hydraulic steering valve, all my aluminum for floor pans/body panels, head lights, etc.

I just really need time to work on it, only in town on the weekends and the wife doesn't like me spending all my time on the buggy!


2001 TJ Built, Wrecked, then Built Bigger, then rolled and fixed again, now rolled again. Do you see a pattern!!
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