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ATVA Bowling Green Amateur Race Report

Here's the official press. Feel free to reply and post your own race experience, thank your sponsors, congratulate your buddies!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (April 13, 2008) -- The winners of this weekend's Pro-Am, Amateur, Youth, and Women's races follow. The events were run as part of the Bluegrass ATV, which was the second Amateur round for the AMA/ATVA ATV Championship Series.

The winners:
Pro Am Production: Cody Gibson (No. 40 Suzuki)
Pro Am Unlimited: Cody Gibson (No. 40 Suzuki)
Pro Am Women: Heather Byrd (No. 7 Honda)
450 A: Michael Brewster (No. 25 Suzuki)
450 B: Kyle Bard (No. 16 Kawasaki)
450 C: Nicholas Moser (No. 77 Honda)
Open A: Troy Mercer (No. 8 Yamaha)
Open B: Dustin Swartfager (No. 262 KTM)
Open C: Shane Hadley (No. 118 Suzuki)
4-Stroke A: Antonio Pacheco (No. 121 Honda)
4-Stroke B: Jordan Ringer (No. 121 Suzuki)
4-Stroke C: Jordan Davidovich (No. 25 Honda)
Production A: Justin Norman (No. 16 KTM)
Production B: Kyle Bard (No. 16 Kawasaki)
Production C: Yasmin Adams (No. 43 Honda)
College 16-24: Brandon Jones (No. 22/ Honda)
Junior 25 Plus: Chase Cunningham (No. 419 Suzuki)
Vet 30 Plus A: Kevin Pocrnich (No. 1 Yamaha)
Vet 30 Plus B/C: James Perry (No. 44 Honda)
Senior 40 Plus: Randy Hurst (No. 50 Kawasaki)
Women: Angela Adkins (No. 15 Honda)
Schoolboy Senior (15-17): James Murrah (No. 84 Suzuki)
Schoolboy Junior (13-15): Mark Madl (No. 41 Honda)
Super-Mini (13-15): Jeffrey Rastrelli (No. 28 Honda)
90 Modified (8-15): Matt Carter (No. 131 Honda)
90 Automatic Senior (12-15): Colby Gilchrist (No. 33 Honda)
90 Automatic Junior (8-11): Benjamin Brocato (No. 75 Honda)
90 CVT (8-15): Caston McConnell (No. 204 DRR)
70 Modified (6-11): Ryan Harness (No. 224 Other)
70 CVT (6-11): Johnny Loos (No. 62 KAS)
70 SS (6-11): Alex Szymborski (No. 84 Cobra)
33-50 Senior (6-8): Corey Heath (No. 8 Cobra)
50 Limited Junior (4-6): Will Harness (No. 3 DRR)

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