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O/T Propane injection

Ok here's the deal. A friend of mine has an old Oliver tractor that is setup on propane. It was this way when he bought it a couple of months ago but has decided to go back to the carb. He told me if I can get one of the three carbs he has woking, I could have the propane setup.
Here's the question now, Does anyone here know much about the propane setups ? I would like to run it in my rock buggy but Im not sure if it will work on a V8. Ive looked it over and it looks easy enough but Im not sure if the regulator will let me deliver enough propane. I have my SBC mounted up in the buggy allready and I have thought about running a four cylinder. They SBC looks like a lot of power for that light chassis. He said he would give me a 97 ford ranger with it, has some front end damage but still runs good. Then Im stuck trying to find a divorced t-case again...
I would like to run the propane, I have a couple of tanks for forlifts and that would get me out of spending cash for a fuel cell and finding EFI for it. Just trying to get some options going....
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