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Its probably just called a thermostat. The bimetal coil under the plastic cap, that's what you're talking about right? And there should be a metal plate that sits inside the carb and the lever arm protrudes through it.

Here's my experience with the MC2100 and the electrically assisted choke. The Ford one didn't work for some reason. I'm wondering if the voltage is different that it operates on. The Carter coil is obviously the correct voltage as it came off your jeep, but, it rotates the wrong direction. It will open it when cold and close when hot. You can take the bimetal coil out and flip it over. I did that, it works. I never could get it adjusted right. Maybe I don't have enough patience. It was overly sensitive to the cold. I'd stop to fill for gas and it would put on too much choke after only a short stop. Perhaps you can get it to work better.

What's wrong with the manual choke by the way?
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