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A jeep is only as good as it's driver. I have saw some pretty amazing drivers. I have also found out after building a big jeep is cool but when you are the only one, the fun factor is no longer there. I had more fun in my CJ5 with
31's on it then I have with 33's and maybe even the 38's that I haven't had much time with.
This is how I see it! The smaller the jeep, the better the driver will become !! I know a few guys that have went back to stock rigs because they had more fun. Besides all that, family comes first and then the jeep. Just tell those guys giving you grief, the next time they upgrade their jeep to kick you down some parts. If they are any kind of friend it wouldn't bother them to do that. Hell Im thinking of putting 4" springs on the Scrambler sooner or later so the 38's don't rub the front fenders. I will have a set of 2.5's sitting around and willing to get rid of for the shipping cost.
Just keep that in mind when I may happen to put a new post for the 4" springs because I tend to forget alot( seriously).. I think it was like thirty eight dollars the last time I shipped off some springs.... Alot of my parts are kick downs from my bro-inlaw and it doesn't bother me a bit to take them. He is a lawer and can afford to build them unlike the rest of us...

Oh and incase anyone is trying to figure out 2.5's with 38's(SOA) just so nobody thinks that Im FOS.... I thought I would add that in for some new lookers that might question that..
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