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Need to vent!

Sorry but I need to vent. I am so tired of some "jeepers" giving me grief because I dont have a lift or "all" the toys on my jeep. Also that I dont wheel in the places that they wheel.
Yes my jeep is fairly stock, and is driven 365 days a year. No I havnt driven (or floated) it in deep water. But I have taken it to Colorado on mountain trails and also to Moab. Even with 30x9.5 tires Ive done prettly well.
It just sucks that Ive been accused of owning a "girly" jeep and that I need to lift it to have a mans jeep. Also if I dont spend 1000's on each accessory then Im just stupid. Its a jeep and almost all of my money goes to raising my kids and making sure we have the things we need in life; Oddly that doent include a lift.
I am not accusing all "jeepers" nor anyone that Ive chatted with on this page. Infact some of the best people I know are jeepers and are very helpfull and encouraging. And truth be told If I hit the lottery then yes Ill lift my jeep and get every cool thing I can put on my jeep. But untill then...
My jeep may not be built to your standards but thats ok, I am building it to fit my needs.
Again sorry for the Venting Just had a rough weekend of lestening to how crappy my jeep is and that if Im not going to lift it then buy a stationwagon!
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