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You know now that i think back before i put it in, i was spining it around by hand and could hear something that sounded like grinding/chattering. I also remember noticing when the sleeve was engaged too far into 1st, the sleeve would rub the countershaft gear just under it.

The blocker rings also seemed to have alot of slop between the sleeve and the clutching teeth(while the sleeves were in the N position), all of the rings were like this. So were the ones on my old one too!

The blocker ring clearence seemed to be about .050(maybe more) i remember when i was looking at them, i also compared that clearence with the old trans and the old one had no clearence at all, so i knew that old trans was shot to the max. My first instinct was that i'm gonna have an issue with this trans. But i figured the only way to know for sure was to stick it in and try it. wrong

I'm a student @ Universal Technical Institute (UTI) and we have gone threw manual transmissions. me and my group during that class disassemble/reassembled a toyota 5-speed, and i remember the blocker rings weren't loose as a goose on that trans, or any of the transmissions that were around in the classroom.

I should have rebuild the dam thing myself, but i just didn't have the time, and didn't really know where to get a good step by step manual for rebuilding it. I also don't have a press, but i will dish the cash out for a press. but now i'm stuck, do i call them up give them hell, and make them take it back? with that comes down time and i can't afford that for more then 3 days. Or i can get the press, pull this think apart and maybe figure out whats missing and fix it. It doesn't look all that complicated to do. not much there compared to that toyota 5 speed.

Whats your suggestion? and where can i find a nice manual for it? but i think your right, it never seemed right to me since i first tried to spin it by hand. It was actually stuck when i first tried it by hand.(Would not spin freely in Neutral).

Thank you btw

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