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Originally Posted by 88JeepYJ View Post
supposedly they have 20 years exp. in rebuilding all different types of jeep transmissions.
The company only claims to have been in business "over 15 years". Their primary business seems to be in selling parts and vehicles, not rebuilding transmissions.

Iíve got 18 years experience rebuilding T-176 transmissions. (I rebuilt mine 18 years ago and twice since)
Iíve got 16 years experience rebuilding AMC 258 engines. (I rebuilt one 16 years ago)
Ya gotta watch those ďexperienceĒ claims.

Check the endplay on the cluster gear too. Itís real easy to have one of the trust washers slip out of place while putting the cluster in place.

Beyond that, itís check for noise in every gear including reverse and neutral for all possible modes, accelerating, maintaining speed, decelerating and check all gears with the clutch in and out. If that doesnít show anything, itís time to pull it out, open it up and see if you can created the noise rotating the shafts by hand.

It sounds like you got a bad rebuild but I canít be sure of that from the information here.

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