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About 8 years ago my CJ would cut out on me -- the engine would just die. This typically occurred on left hand turns and hard acceleration. I could not figure it out until a couple of wires burned up. Apparently, a wire had enough movement in it and was shorting against the distributor. This would cause the motor to die. I have never had this problem since replacing that wire. This is also when I went through the wiring harness and replaced all of the masking tape that was used to "insulate" bare wires.

Skip forward about 3 years. I installed the Howell TBI. The motor would start to die on deceleration and hesitate on starts. It turns out that the idle air mixture needed to be adjusted. This essentially raised the RPMs a little. The motor has not died on me since -- other than stalling due to releasing the clutch too fast...

I don't know if either of these are similar to your situation or not.

-- Mike
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