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Remember Dog, I can hunt you down the three prong flash hider and correct lock washer, and the other stuff you need.
I have tear drop FA lying around.

You ain't gettin' my M-16 rifle grenade launching rings!
Only have two or three of those left, and you never know when they might come in handy...

You sure don't see those A-1 first gen grips anymore! You lucked out finding one!
Few and far between!

For me, the mag button swell is a safety issue, and if you are ever going to let a left handed person shoot it, the brass deflector is a safety issue.

For a shooter, you do have the look! If I were you I'd enjoy it and since you aren't trying to pass it off as "The one I carried in 'Nam..." I can't see anyone saying anything about it!

You should see the cool little trick I do with night battle sights (large hole)...
I use mine for cracking the bull out of a 300 meter targets...
Check your PM, I don't want every guy that once saw an AR at someone's house starting crap on another thread...
This is CHEAP, easy and works great!

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