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Jeep cutting out

When I am driving the Jeep will just stall for 1-5sec then start up again, with a surge. It happens primarily at low RPMs when I am starting off the line, and It did it 5 times while I was positioning to test my rear wheel on a stump yesterday. Though it happened today at 60mph on the freeway twice, and once at 30mph. I did notice the RPMs go to zero when it did it at 25mph Friday, though have had to concentrate on driving and was unable to look at my gauges the other times.

Additional Info:

I Have MPI. on the 4.2.
The fuel pump is 3 mos old.
The Fuel filter was changed then.
I have a cut out for the fuel pump, which the solenoid shorted last week, the CEL will go on if the fuel pump circuit is disconnected while running, the CEL has not gone on.
Starts up right after every cut out.
The radio does not miss a beat when this happens.
Has not happened at night, so can't say if the lights dim.
It seems to happen while cool, not so much at operating temp.
I have checked the wires, shook the wiring harness, no problems (except the O2 sensor wires seem to get too close to the belt and were worn open (fixed last night)).
Pretty much everything else is original MPI or rebuild 30k ago.

Any ideas? Anything I should check?

1985 CJ7 T.H.O.R

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