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Fuel Cell Placement Question?

I am just about to purchase a fuel cell. RCI 2161A (15 gallon). The cell dimensions are L x W x H (30" x 9" x 12"). I am ordering one with just the filler and a roller over vent valve because I am going to install my stock TJ fuel pump.

Right now I run my OBA tank where the back seat usually is. I can remove the tank very easily to install my back seat to take the wife and kids for a ride.

Could someone with their back seat in their TJ measure from the back of the rear seat to the tailgate latch assembly at about the height of the top of the fender well? I want to make sure I can still put my back seat in with the 9" wide fuel cell.

When I mount the cell I am was going to lay a 3/4" thick piece of rubber belting the size of the bottom of the tank between the floor and tank then make 2 brackets to use as straps to secure it tight. I figured this would be better than using the 4 small tabs that are welded to the tank. Seems like those would fatigue over time. What does everyone else think?

I am going to take my jeep out for a couple good runs to M/T my 3/4 of a tanks of gas then do the install. Then I will be ready to get my things together to stretch the wheel base during the winter!!!



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