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Thanks. I remembered something about a flat worm with a pointed tail but I didn’t remember if it was the only one that could do it. I was remembering something about cutting between the stripes on some kind.

That $6.99 ain’t bad Thor but then they want another $8 for shipping besides they’re too small to see, I guess they’d grow up but I wouldn’t know what to feed ‘em. If I want the one with instructions, that’s $49.99 plus the $8 shipping for 30 sets.

I never took biology or botany, I always took chemistry and physics. I probably better do what I told Rich and jyg and stick to what I know.

Yeah, Dog, my granddaughter is always asking questions I can’t answer and she’s smarter than hell too, so if I giver her a bad answer, she’ll remember it. I can read her one of those little kid’s books with only a few word on each page once and she can recite it back to me the next week, word for word, verbatim. She can’t read but she remembers the words that go with each page. I’d claim she gets that from grandpa but I think she’s got me beat.

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