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Definately not the garden variety segmented worm (annelids). Its has a front and a back end, multiple hearts, etc and cannot become two independent organisms after being dissected, even if you do see both halves crawl off. Both halfs may even die. Some worms, like tapeworms (cestodes), (were part of the grouping of flatworms called platyhelminthie (sp)) are much simpler and repetitive organisms, and each segment is capable of living independently. They can reproduced both sexually and assexually. Doubt she'd want a pet tapeworm. That's about all I can remember from invertebrate zoology, a course I took back in '83. Whatever it is, its got to be a very simple organism. Many organisms can regenerate lost parts, but that assumes enough of it survives to do so. Most organisms have bilateral symetry, but you'd need one that has no specialization at either end. Reminds of the joke about the guy that lost his entire left hand side in a car accident, don't worry, he's all right now.
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