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Help! Ė Iím in trouble

So I picked the granddaughter up a day early and we went to Power Play yesterday. When she got in the car, she found a piece of yellow string, put it on her finger and was pretending it was Sherman, a worm from the episode of Polka Palace Party of Backyardigans.

Well, she tells me that the string is too long to be Sherman and that we need to cut it in half. At this point, I open my big mouth ask her if she knew there were some worms that if you cut in half, they would grow into two worms.

Now, Iím in trouble. She wants to find a worm she can cut in half and, in her words, ďsee it grow a new face.Ē Iím pretty sure it won't work with just your ďgarden varietyĒ worm. I donít remember what kind it was or where get to one. Iím also afraid she thinks itís gonna grow a face while she watches.

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