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We rented a trailer last summer to take the Jeep to Michigan instead of the usual minivan trip. As ridiculous as the U-Haul rep could describe it, it is that if you were to be in an accident and the trailer were to flip up and onto the Jeep, the hard top would provide more safety. We though about putting the hard top on just to pick up the trailer, but decided that was not the best idea. We found another rental location that did not care. But that may be harder with a round trip rental.

Since we were just taking camping gear, we only needed a 4x6 trailer. If you are traveling a greater distance, I would not think that you would want anything larger or heavier. A 5x8 may be possible, but if you were to load it up like I do when moving items, the weight may start to have the tail wagging the Jeep.

If you have a lot of stuff to move, rent a U-Haul truck and flat tow the Jeep behind.

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