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Painting my Jeep

I had planned on painting my 87 YJ which is about 5 different shades of paint and primer this summer in my garage with a HVLP paint system that I got last year. Also, I have never painted a car before.

I stopped at the body shop supply and he more I answered the counter guys questions about my equipment and facilities the sadder he looked and finally suggested that I just go to Maaco.

Having been ripped off by maaco and it's 6 month lifetime paint jobs, I persisted and found out that the supplies were going to cost around $400.00.

Well, I assumed that the job was going to be nasty looking anyway, so I checked out the Rustolium at Lowe's today. I always heard that an auto finish couldn't be applied over Rustolium, (after researching that, I don't believe it), but there was little chance that I was going to do that anyway.

Doing some searching on the web, I came across a forum like this one for Moporguys that had the worlds longest thread about painting a car with Rustolium and a roller.

The pictures and examples looked great, and after spending the afternoon just trying to get thru 1/2 of it, I'm convinced I'm going to try it. The results look great, and the whole job will cost less than $50.00

This started in Feb 07, so it may have already been posted here and I just missed it, if so I appoligize.

This is the guy that seems to have originated the technique, so look for his posts. "69chargeryeehaa"

Here is the site. moparts: paint job on a budget!?

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