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Here's a crazy crack head idea using some of what you have and trading/ selling/ buying some more parts. This crack head idea would get you a pretty nice trail rig for not a ton of $$ but it would involve some fab work, it sounds like this will be a "thrifty" build with lots of used greasy parts out of the parts pile which i'm a fan of.

-CJ 5 tub/ body or atleast parts of it
-Home built fame out of 2x4 tubing, stock jeep frames suck and are more of a pain you start to swap in non jeep parts, also tie a cage into the custom frame
-TBI 4.3 out of an s10, you should be able to find a whole doner S10 for under $250, it's lighter then the 350 and injection is sweet, i'm a fan of 4.3's in light rigs, use a blazer gas tank with in tank pump, it should fit some where in the back of the 5, s10 tanks are too long/skinny
-456/205, maybe twin stick the 205 for fun, cut down/ build drive shafts
-Scout d44's though swap in the 10 bolt knuckles/ spindles and f150 hubs/ rotors to get away from the stupid hub/knuckle design, weld up the rear maybe the front
-Leaf springs all around, hopefully you have the waggy front springs that came with your axles, maybe XJ or 52" chevy rears
-A steering box from what ever, crossover/ high steer would be sweet though not necessary
-33-36" tires
-A wheel base that suits your wheeling style

How I'd go about the build is get your motor/trans/t-case bolted together, get your axles, springs, steering box, body, gas tank, seats, radiator, steering coulm, brake booster, figure out the wheel base you want. Gathder the steel for the frame, steering box mount, spring hangers, crossmembers, skid plates. Then take a weekend and "mock everything up" drink a ton of beer, scratch head, take measurments, get pissed off with smoke comming out of head. Come back to it the next weekend and bang out a frame and keep building it.

I'm pretty sure if your super thrifty and use stuff lying around/ horse trade you could do it for a grand for a fuel injected buggish jeep on 33-36's with dana 44's that's pretty damn capable.

I've built stuff off the stock frames and after dealing with trying to make everything work and modifying/ fixing rust/ beefing up a stock frame i'm pretty sure it's easier to just build one. It seems like a big project but if you have everything that needs to go on it sitting in front of you it should work out allright.
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