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JYG, you never cease to amaze me! All the high tech engine equipment you work on, the bleeding edge engineering, and you complain about finally upgrading to a six year old OS? Oh My!

Xp has to be the easiest to repair, integrate into a network, and see what is going under the covers.

If it runs too slow or unstable, it is due to cheap, old equipment; Too many and/or incompatible programs; or lack of adequate virus/spy/trojan protection.

You get what you pay for period guys, you know that.

Since this is my chosen profession, and I found my soapbox:

Computers are not like Jeeps. period. To interact with the rest of the world/add new harware/try new software, you need a current PC. getting it to work on the cheap, doesn't cut it for reliabilty. You can DIY, though won't save much and will more than likely spend more, and find out later what you did wrong.

I can never understand nostalgia with computers, that is just not the point.

ok. Done.

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