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I had a 1972, 2000cc engine... it was the WORST car I've ever owned, I only got 175,000 miles out of it... and that was on two engines. The wife was driving it through Chicmicam WA and it threw a rod through the block.

That was back in the days when Uptown and Downtown Chimacum was the same place. The owner of the Standard gas station/Garage heard her coming about 1/2 mile away. He could hear that main bearing and rod hammering away. So, he went out onto the highway and tired to flag her down to stop the car and prevent further damage.

She thought he was nuts, just a stupid guy standing in the road (and we knew him) and swerved around him at 55mph. She got about another 1/2 mile and the engine self destructed scattering parts all the way from the school to the Tri-Cities dairy.

That cost me a few dollars (guess who I bought the new engine from?)... those were the days...
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