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1. Most if not all of these cases are divorced cases so it will be to long for a jeep.
2. Why use a case that is bigger and heavier than a 205 in anything when almost no one is able to break a 205.
3. Why even put anything the size of a 205 in a Jeep when Dana 20's and 300's are commonly used with very few problems.
4. Being able to get parts, and Getting them fast and easy are two very different things. You can get parts for about anything if you have the time and or money.
5. Reading the post on Pirate and M715 zone. It apears that several different yokes where used. Some were large 1410 yokes but others were the small 1310 yokes. The major diameter of the shafts may be big but they used the old style parrallel sided splines. These cut much deeper into the shaft then modern involute splines. Also they had way lower torque ratings due to small tooth contact areas.


I will start using Metric only when the duodecimal system is adopted!!
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