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NP202 vs NP205

I've been doing some re-search on the NP202 and the NP205....
I know the NP 205 has a lot of after market parts and options... But the NP202 is a super strong t-case that dwarfs the Np205...
I've been reading up on the NP202 from Pirate, Binder forums and the M715 Zone...
It's given that the case is HUGE... But with the BIGGER case you get WIDER gears so you'll have less localized stress on the gear teeth resulting in better wear patterns.. With that being said it'll be able to handle the larger loads... The output shafts are about 1/4" thicker than the NP205's. Once again this alone dramatically increases the strength and reduces the possibility of an output snapping-in-half.. And another Pro is that the NP202 has a separate gear on the bottom soley for a PTO... So when the t-case is shifted to "N" it engages the PTO Gear.. So that means you can forward or reverse your Winch.... by simply putting the tranny in first or reverse and speeding up... Last the yoke size of th NP202 dwarfs the Np205's... The NP202's yokes are comparative to the NP 205's After market stuff (In strength)...
The down side of the NP202 is the Size and weight.... Some will say the lack of parts etc.. NOPE.... NAPA, Auto Zone, Advance Auto, Car Quest and a few other have parts readily available or 1 to 3 days out... Seals and gaskets are the Same as the Np200... NP205 (Apparently they're standard).. The Np202 does however have a special thrust bearing if I remember correctly... Which can be ordered from the stores mentioned above...
The reason I'm asking is because I have an NP202 under my IH 4x4... and I'm thinking about making it work under the Jeep... If I can't Machine something... ie: adapter etc... I'm looking at an NP205 with a 32 spline female input shipped to my door for a real good price....
Any PRO'S VS CON'S or thoughts?
Thanks: Fife
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