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Before you start throwing parts at the Jeep, sit down and figure out what's wrong.

Is it an electric problem, a fuel pressure problem, or a problem with the ignition system. Some of the things you'll look at are:
  • Wiring harness,
  • Fuel Regulator,
  • Fuel pump,
  • CPS sensor,
  • ASD realy
  • Ignition system
Don't confuse the fuel gauge problem with the way it runs, you may have two problems. They may be related with the same cause, or not. Here's what I'd do, in order:
  • Run Seafoam fuel treatment through a tank of fuel.
  • Have the fuel pressure checked
  • Check the condition of the ASD relay (pull it open and look at the contacts)
  • Check the fuel pump relay (again, pull it apart and look at the contacts)
  • Check the CPS senor and it's wiring harness
  • If the engine doesn't restart quickly, carry a spare plug and wire to check for spark, or
  • Carry a multimeter to check if the Positive side of the coil has voltage,
  • When it's missing/loping at idle do the propane trick (Use the search function). or,
  • Use a little starting fluid in the air intake
I'll be looking froward to what others add.
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