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It was a fun race. The laps were about 11 miles long. I raced in the last race of the day in Ironman Amateur class. The start times got pushed back by about two hours because they let the unclassified (pay $50 more to pre-run) run to many laps. The start was a dead engine start standing facing the front of the left front tire. All 35 Amateur and Experts start at the same time. Get on hit the starter and get absolutely blown away by the Desert/Snow mobiles. Get to the first turn in 5th place, then run through 4 or 5 mud holes, then straight in to silty dusty whooped area. Then drop into a sand/rock wash that has a few whoops in it. Then up a hill and back down into another sand wash, then up a really rocky hill with some seriously large boulders on it. Then down another hill and back up another steep rocky whooped out hill with a 6" ledge at the top. Then over a ridge where you could look down on Hwy 95 traffic. Then down a really steep hill (this hill got severly whooped out from people using to much brake on it) over a road crossing through a silty alkalie area going through very thick brush. Out onto a graded dirt road for about 200yds. then back into the bushes under Hwy95 up osborn wash to a short 50yd pavement section, back onto dirt over some serious whooped out corners, then dirt straightaway 300yrds then over some old score race track down a whooped out sandy road, then back down osborn to the sand/gravel pit, then back on a little section of 425 track, then a 150yrd pavement section hairpin right on pavement for another 100 yrds, back to dirt for a second, then through and old garage and turn left on the cement floor, go through 3 gears trying to get off of the super slippery floor without spinning out. Back on the dirt, up a whooped out hill on a ridge the more whooped out silt, back on the pavement 75yrds left sweeper wide open back on to dirt back in osborn wash, under Hwy 95 bridge, large whoop very large water/mud puddle, fast left and right sweeper back to pavement for about 2-3 miles, the up a whooped out hill, then a long silty straight, down a hill hard left on pavement, then into the 25 mph pits, through checkpoint/finish, though muddy area down short steep hill, high speed left hand sweeper though gate into paved parking lot very high speed right hand sweeper on pavement, back on dirt hit jump where most of the photographers were then rejoin the original course.

The race was fun but the track got hammered. The last couple of laps were hard for me doing Ironman along with the heat of the day.
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