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87 YJ Drivetrain

So my transfer case just crapped out on me. It's a NP207 with a slip yoke eliminator installed.

I'm trying to figure out the cheapest way to get my rig back up and running. Any input would be appreciated!

I think the cheapest way to go will be rebuilding the NP207. The issue is that the transmission doesn't have that much life left in it (it's grinding on a couple of gears). The transmission is the crappy BA10. I would like to put the AX-15 in as a drop in replacement. The problem is that the spline count is different for the shaft to the transfer case (the BA10 is 21 and the AX15 is 23).

As such it seems like I will really need to replace both the tcase and tranny at the same time. Otherwise if I just rebuild the tcase then I will have to rebuild it again when I swap the tranny because I will need to swap in the 23 spline tooth.

So any ideas where I can get a good ax15 that fits to the BA10 for cheap?

PS Other ideas entirely are welcome (remember I'm trying to save $$ and I don't need the most aggressive rig- just trail riding and mild rockcrawling).
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